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Who are we

Many excellent Couples’ Counsellors struggle to build, sustain and grow a healthy and rewarding Private Practice.

Why you might ask, simply because these Couples’ Counsellors are motivated and passionate in learning everything they can about the latest research, proven methods and mindsets in order to provide couples with the best advice and counselling experience they can.

It’s at this point where our service can be of help to you, the Couples Counsellor, and you can be of help to us. This combination benefits the couples and people seeking relationship and marriage counselling assistance.

We have been providing a couples counselling service since 2000. We found that when couples seek professional help, they are confronted by a confusing maze of choices when trying to find a couples counsellor. We have developed a service that benefits both couples and marriage counsellors where we connect couples seeking help with appropriately qualified and experienced relationship and marriage counsellors.

How we work together

Essentially, we are contacted by a couple who are taking a first crucial step in seeking help with problems they are experiencing within their marriage or relationship. We spend some time talking with the person who contacted us in order to gain an understanding of their situation and critical needs. From this discussion, we determine which of our Couples’ Counsellors is best suited to provide a counselling service for this couple. We then co-ordinate an appointment for the couple to see the Couple’s Counsellor.

Why We Stand Apart!

We stand apart from other counselling services because each of our counsellors are not only qualified and registered psychologists, social workers and counsellors, but in addition, have post-graduate qualifications in couples and/or family therapy. This is not always true of other psychology or counselling services.

We consider these qualifications along with extensive couples and/or family therapy experience essential in providing the highest quality couples counselling service.

No profiles, why not?

The simple answer is that not all health professionals are comfortable with their personal profile being splashed across the internet.

As do our clients appreciate confidentiality, our counsellors likewise value a moderate degree of privacy.

Further, as many of our couples counsellors are employed in either public or private health and human service organisations, they also find personal value and purpose in maintaining a small private practice with us.


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We are always keen to talk to appropriately qualified and experienced Psychologists, Social Workers and Counsellors who are interested in developing their Private Practice in Bendigo and rural Victoria.